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About Us

We Dream Big. Never com(cow)promise.

Call us dreamers, but we think the perfect plant milk should walk and talk like dairy. It should have a smooth and creamy texture and a lightly sweet taste.

Enjoy the great taste and texture of DREAM™ to complement your foods with a neutral and sweet refreshing flavor. DREAM™ is great for drinking, cooking, baking and as a base for smoothies!

DREAM™ tastes straight up delicious in a glass, makes your cereal shine, your mac & cheese creamy and complements all that wonderful fruit in your favorite smoothie.


We Dream Big. Filling your glass with the deliciousness of dairy, without the dairy cow downsides.

As we embark toward the wonder and adventure of the future, there’s a part of us that gets tugged back to where it all began. Because as much as we crave the new, we always keep a deep appreciation in our hearts for what came before.


Our roots first took hold humbly, when Robert Nissenbaum opened Morning Dew Organic Food Market in St. Louis, MO in the early 1970s. One of the first markets of its kind in the country, Morning Dew was born from Nissenbaum’s desire to share the benefits of a new way of living he’d discovered. Judging from his success, many of his friends and neighbors agreed.


In 1982, Robert expanded his store and re-named it Imagine Foods. He took some of his products (including early versions of DREAM Ricemilk and DREAM Ricemilk Frozen Desserts) to a natural food industry trade show. Distributors took one taste of these new plant-based alternatives – and the food industry was forever changed! Stores far and wide wanted their customers to experience the food revolution promised by plant-based beverages and foods.


Today, DREAM™ is part of SunOpta. SunOpta Inc. is a leading company specializing in the sourcing, processing, and production of organic, natural and non-GMO plant- and fruit-based food and beverage product.


In 2022, DREAM™ introduced two new Ricemilks with a taste and texture similar to dairy. Organic Ricemilk “Whole”* that delivers a creamy taste and texture and 8g of total fat per serving and Organic Ricemilk 2% Fat with a smooth creamy mouthfeel and 5g of total fat per serving.

It has always been and will continue to be about creating food that is better. Better quality. Better tasting. Food you can feel good about bringing home to your families each day. Nutritious and delicious food that even your children will enjoy.

We appreciate your interest in our products and hope that you and your family will celebrate them for years to come, as we do.


Sustainability is central to how SunOpta and the DREAM™ Brand operate. We are committed to continuously improving our social, environmental and economic performance to positively impact employees, customers, investors, and the environment. Please check to see if our aseptic packaging is recycled in your community.

DREAM™ provides delicious alternatives to dairy. We are committed to sourcing quality ingredients, and we work with farmers who share our sense of environmental stewardship.

That care and sense of responsibility extends to our planet as well. Our shelf-stable packaging is made with less material than virtually any other comparable container for reduced environmental impact and more than 97% of our packaging by weight is recyclable. All of the operating facilities that manufacture DREAM products in the US and Canada are zero-waste* facilities. Read our FAQ for more information.

*Zero waste is defined as 90% diversion of waste from landfill.


I have special dietary needs. Where can I find information about which DREAM products I can use?
We declare all major allergens (peanuts, soybeans, milk, eggs, fish, crustaceans, tree nuts, wheat and sesame) as required by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on our packaging labels. You can follow the links to any specific product off of our product page for ingredient lists, nutrition facts and claims. If you have any further questions about allergens, please contact us and we’ll be glad to help.
What percentage of this product is from a specific ingredient?
We list our ingredients by common and usual name in order of predominance by weight in accordance with the government regulations on each and every package.
Where do you get your ingredients?
Our ingredients are domestically sourced whenever possible, though product availability or other circumstances may sometimes require us to source globally. We purchase ingredients based on requirements designed to meet our rigid specifications for food safety, and comply with applicable regulations and certifications.
What is in your natural flavors?
Our natural flavors are derived from ingredients such as spices, fruits or fruit juice, vegetables or vegetable juice, edible yeast, herbs, bark, buds, roots, leaves or similar plant material. We confirmed with our suppliers that our natural flavors do not contain the nine most common allergenic ingredients: milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soy and sesame.
Is Soy DREAM™ made from organic, non-GMO soybeans?
Yes. Soy DREAM™ is made from certified organic, non-GMO soybeans.
Where does the sweet taste of Rice DREAM™ come from? Have you added sugar or other sweeteners?
For the exception of DREAM™ Horchata Traditional, there is no sugar added to our Rice DREAM™ products. The mildly sweet taste of our Rice DREAM™ beverages comes from the processing of sugars in the rice itself. For people who prefer something different, try our Unsweetened Rice DREAM™. The rice base used in the unsweetened Rice DREAM™ is made by special processing conditions and formula that allow us to make a delicious beverage without generating significant amount of sugars.
I see there is new DREAM™ packaging. I don't see the product I usually buy - Rice DREAM™ Organic Original Enriched Rice Drink (or Vanilla Enriched). Which product do I buy?
When we refreshed our DREAM™ packaging, we made sure to highlight the key nutrients added to our plant-based milks on relevant products, such as Calcium and Vitamin D on the front of pack. For example, Rice DREAM™ Organic Original Enriched is now called Rice DREAM™ Organic Original with Calcium & Vitamin D – it is the same great product and formula – only the packaging has changed.
Why did you change the DREAM™ packaging?
We wanted to make it easier to shop for DREAM™ and for the consumer to better understand our offerings by elevating the DREAM™ brand name and being clearer on the core plant-based ingredient; ricemilk, coconutmilk, etc. In addition, we elevated the visibility of the key nutrients added to our plant-based milks on relevant products, such as Vitamin D and Calcium on front of pack.
Why do some DREAM™ items look old, and some have new packaging?
It takes a while for new packaging to roll out to consumers on the shelf. We produce some items frequently and some items less frequently so items will roll out on shelves with new packaging at mixed dates. You’ll see both for a while!
Are DREAM™ products gluten free?
With the exception of our refrigerated DREAM™ Original, all DREAM™ products are certified Gluten Free. Look for gluten-free symbol on the packaging.
Where are the Nutrition Facts and Ingredients listed on your website?
For Nutrition Facts and Ingredients, you can follow the links for any specific product off of our product page.
What type of water do you use?
We use reverse osmosis to filter the water added to our DREAM™ non-dairy beverages.
Do you still use the partially milled process that was on your old packaging?
Although our ingredient line changed from ‘partially milled rice’ to ‘hydrolyzed rice’, we are still using the same delicious rice base! Our company recently acquired the DREAM™ brand/products from another company. Based on a careful evaluation, we determined to update the ingredient name to ‘hydrolyzed rice’ to improve transparency to our consumers. This beverage still undergoes a partially milled process which removes the outer exterior layers of the rice. After it goes through the partially milled process, the rice then undergoes a process called hydrolysis, in which the carbohydrates in the rice are broken down to create sugars, and in turn, deliver this delicious tasting beverage.
What type of rice do you use?
We do utilize brown rice in our Rice DREAM™ products to the best of our ability. However, based on supply constraints, it’s possible a different rice variation could be utilized.
What are the environmental attributes of the shelf-stable packaging?

Shelf-stable packaging has one of the lowest environmental impacts of any beverage container. Products can be safely stored without refrigeration before opening. They are also made with less packaging material than most other comparable containers, so there is less waste from the outset. For more information about shelf-stable packaging, please visit

Why do you make shelf-stable products? Do they require refrigeration?

Our shelf-stable products will remain fresh in your cupboard until the expiration date or until they are opened. Once opened, they must be refrigerated and used within 7-10 days.
Shelf-stable packaging offers a variety of advantages, including:

  • Non-BPA Packaging
  • Tamper resistant
  • Longer shelf life

Please check to see if our aseptic packaging is recycled in your community.

How do I read the date code? Can I use the product after expiration?

The date code can voluntarily be used by manufacturers as an expiration or “best when used by” date and is listed as day, month, year, (DDMMMYY). For example, 05FEB21 is February 5, 2021.

The date on the package represents the date by which the product should be consumed. We cannot guarantee the quality after the “best by” date.

After our shelf stable beverages are opened they will stay fresh in your refrigerator from 7-10 days.

How do I know if my product has been tampered with if there is no pull tab?

You’ll notice a tamper evidence ring attached to the cap before opening. On first time opening, the seals between the lid and the tamper evidence ring are broken open when the cap is twisted. You’ll hear a clicking sound as the ring separates and drops from the cap. If you still suspect that your package has been tampered with, please send us an email .

Why don't I see a foil seal or plastic pull tab when I open the cap?

There is a foil seal beneath the new easy-open cap, but it is cut as you twist the cap one full turn. The inner seal isn’t visible but it remains attached just beneath the opening and doesn’t fall into the product. If you still suspect that your package has been tampered with, please send us an email .

How can I order your products for my business?
We suggest checking with your distributor. If they are not able to help you, please contact us. Be sure to provide all of your contact information, including name, business address, website and the anticipated volume needed.
Are your products available internationally?
Our products are available in the US. Please contact us for information on international availability.
Can I buy your products in Canada?
Our products are widely available in Canada. Please visit our Canadian website for more information or contact us for stores in your area.
Can I order your products and have them sent to my home?
Yes! Most of our plant-based milks are available for online ordering and delivery right to your home via Amazon.
What kind of products does DREAM™ make?
We make a variety of products, including a wide range of Plant-Based Beverages, including Rice DREAM™, Soy DREAM™, Almond DREAM™. Click here for information on all of our DREAM Products!
Where can I find my favorite DREAM Products?
You can find our many of our products right in your neighborhood or online. Please check out the Where to Buy page and check with your local retailer.